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The Advantages of Wood Fire Pits

wood fire pit

A fire pit is a wonderful asset to possess, a great component that will instantly transform your outdoor space, making it more welcoming and extending its comfort and functionality. Getting a wood fire pit takes all those benefits one step further and also adds some of its own. Here are some of these wonderful benefits.

Nothing Compares to The Sight of Burning Logs

While gas burning fireplaces are wonderful options, a wood fire pit is like nothing else. The warmth and the coziness of the burning logs, the activity of taking care of that fire, finding suitable pieces of wood and placing them into the fire pit are all wonderful components that add up to create the unique atmosphere that comes with wood fire pits.

Extended Functionality

Wood fire pits can be more than just design elements. Many wood burning units come with a variety of accessories, including a grill onto which you can place pieces of meat, vegetables and fruit for a quick charring. Your fire pit will probably not give you the option to prepare very sophisticated meals that require control of the temperature and the size of the flames, but there is no reason why you could not take the already wonderful atmosphere on your patio one step further and grill some spectacular, yet simple meals.

Extended Usability for Your Space

Wood fire pits deliver not only great atmosphere, but heat as well. Having such a wonderful device to heat your patio will allow you to use your patio not only in summer, when the weather is nice, but in spring and then fall as well. The smoke generated by the fire is an excellent weapon against mosquitoes and other insects that would otherwise be a nuisance and would drive your guests into your home. The flames in your pit will also deliver light, which will make navigating your landscape easier as well as safer in dark as well.

Portable Units Are Widely Available

The wide design variations available include not only fixed units that are installed or built on your patio, but also portable pits that you can freely move and install in the most suitable spot. Getting such a portable unit will further enhance the usability of your entire landscape and will allow you to start the flames and to enjoy all the benefits of your fire pit while you are making the most of the enhanced thermal comfort offered by the shades in your landscape.


Wood-burning fire pits are on the affordable side. The price that you will have to pay for your pit will depend on many things, from the material that the pit is made or built from, on how elaborate the design is as well as on the size of the unit, but even the largest, most complex units can fit into even the tightest budget. The simplest, smallest aluminum pits are available for just a couple of dozens of dollars, while the price of high-end varieties can go up to thousands of dollars, so you will surely be able to find the option that best suits your financial means.


How Custom Canopy Tents Can Make Your Company Look More Professional

If you are currently planning to extend your branding and marketing efforts outside the premises of your building and you are looking for an easy to use and efficient tool to help you make your company look even more professional, canopy event tents are an excellent choice. Canopies are relatively small tents that offer the user an incredible versatility and that can bring lots of unparalleled benefits to your business. Here are some tips and ideas about the uses and perks of owning and using a branded canopy.

An Easy Way to Take Your Brand Image Anywhere

One of the features that make canopy tents so great is portability and lightweight construction. How bulky and how heavy your canopy will actually be depends on the size and the materials used for making the tent, but even the largest canopies are easy to transport. This also means that you can take your tent to any type of outdoor event that you consider relevant for your business, your canopy offering you the visibility that you need.

Linking Your Brand to Hospitality and Comfort

Canopy event tents can play not only an important marketing role – they can also be furnished to provide comfortable seating for discussions with your visitors. You can equip your canopy with comfortable folding chairs, maybe even with small tables where you can welcome your guests with some refreshment.

A good canopy tent will also provide shelter from the weather – be it harsh sunshine, heat, storm, wind or hail, your tent will serve as refuge for your team as well as for your guests. The tent will also play the very important and practical role of protecting the products you want to sell from the canopy and the free samples that needs to be in top shape one you hand them out.

event tent

Endless Customization Options

Canopy tents are available in a variety of standard sizes, but you can also get a custom sized tend manufactured to your specifications. Canopies are just as versatile when it comes to the shape, allowing you to create a unique design.

Specialized companies today offer printing services to take customization options even further. Modern technologies make it possible to execute detailed and highly durable prints on the materials used in canopies. Many of these companies also offer professional design services that can transform even the simplest event tent into a work of art to reflect your brand personality and to attract visitors. The marketing value of your canopy can be further enhanced by adding interior decorations that feature your logo and a design consistent with the design that appears on the tent, such as some attractive flag signs or banners.


Canopy tents are made from the best, most durable materials that can stand up to any weather for years. The most common materials used are plastic fabric, steel and aluminum – all well-known and appreciated for their longevity. This means that a good quality tent can and will serve your marketing goals efficiently for long years to come.

Facts You May Not Know About Psylocibe Cubensis Mushrooms

spore syringe

Psylocibe Cubensis, the most common species of magic mushrooms, might not look very magical, but it is surely an incredibly interesting member of its populous family. Here are some facts that might be new to you.

What Goes into a Name

What “Psylocibe Cubensis” means is “bald head” – a befitting name, given the humble appearance of the magic fungus. The cap of the mushroom looks bald, indeed – measuring 1.6-8 cm in diameter, the head of the fungus is smooth, usually of a light brown coloring and featuring a ring-shaped depression in the middle.

Wide Natural Distribution

Psylocibe Cubensis being a tropical species, the natural habitats that it thrives best in are located in the Gulf Coast States, in the southwestern regions of the US, in Central America and in South America.

Preferred Habitats

Psylocibe Cubensis is essentially a mushroom, which means that it thrives in the same types of environments as other mushrooms, in moist, nutrient-rich places. These places include not only shaded areas in forests – Psylocibe Cubensis is frequently found on cow dung and horse dung as well as in sugar cane mulch and on rich pastures.

They Can Make Wind

Like other mushrooms, Psylocibe Cubensis mushrooms also propagate with the help of their spores that carried by the wind. However, the sheltered habitats preferred by these mushrooms make it more difficult for air to move and to take the spores, therefore magic mushrooms have developed the ability to accelerate the rate at which they evaporate water. The water vapor added to the air moves the air sufficiently to lift the mushroom’s microscopic spores and to send off the spores to try and form a new colony.

A Long History

Psylocibe Cubensis enjoyed huge popularity in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but then it became and still is listed as a controlled substance. However, the mushroom has an incredibly long history that goes back at least to the Aztecs, who used the mushrooms in many of their religious and divination rituals.

Psylocibe Cubensis is Intensively Researched Nowadays

It’s important to have only the purest psilocybin spore syringe samples available for study. The ingredient responsible for the psychotropic effects of the mushrooms is psilocybin – a compound that is nowadays researched intensively at many leading universities in the world. The research projects vary in scope as well as in terms of the number of participants – some projects study the effects of the compound on volunteers when administered in the form of micro-doses, others propose to reveal more about the potential medicinal uses of the compound. What seems to be a proven finding is that psilocybin is efficient in the treatment of various mental and emotional conditions, such as depression and anxiety, with many depression patients reporting significant improvements in their condition or even complete remission after having taken just two micro-doses. Psilocybin is also considered to be non-addictive – a feature that makes it a suitable subject for being researched as an aid in helping smokers kick the unhealthy habit. There are several research programs today that study the potential uses of the compounds in helping with the treatments of people suffering from other addictions, too.


The Key Differences Between A CFO And CPA

CFO Services Highlands Ranch

CPA and CFO are probably the two most frequently used acronyms when it comes to corporate specialists in the financial field. The acronym CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, while CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer – while both roles are essential in the life of any company, they are different in many ways. Here are some of those important differences.

The Most Important Tasks

While the tasks of CFO’s usually consist of forecasting, planning and developing short-term and long-term financial strategies, the work of CPA’s involves activities that focus on the calculation of the company’s taxes and on the preparation of their tax returns. While it is the CFO’s task to handle budgeting and cash-flow issues and to raise capital for the operations of the company, it is the CPA’s task to minimize the amount that the company has to pay in taxes and to make sure that the financial records are always at hand in case an audit comes.

The Cost of Services

Companies can either choose to employ their own CFO and CPA or they can turn to accounting companies that will provide the required financial services. From the point of view of the costs of the two service categories, CFO’s are the most expensive, CPA’s being slightly less costly, but costlier than bookkeeping or accountancy services. The difference in costs reflects the difference in profile between the two types of financial experts – while CFO’s usually have long experience in company finances as well as a track record of having driven companies to success, CPA’s rarely have that kind of experience.

Aspects Related to Collaboration

CFO Services Highlands Ranch providers are responsible for developing financial strategies and strategies of growth. In addition, they are responsible for the management of financial projects and for assessing financial risks. CPA’s are responsible for ensuring that the company’s finances are in compliance with applicable laws and that the tax burden that the company has to deal with is kept to the minimum. It is not very difficult to see why the two types of specialists usually work together closely. CFO’s very often rely on the figures and calculations received from CPA’s to develop their strategies – without a CPA doing an excellent job, the CFO would have a much harder time.

Should You Hire a CFO or a CPA?

CPA’s are surely more affordable, their tasks and activities also being closer to what laymen know about corporate finances. CFO’s, on the other hand, are high-profile employees who have a strategic approach and a vision for the company. Due to these differences in terms of approach, most smaller companies say that they cannot afford a CFO and the volume of their transactions does not justify hiring such an expensive employee, so they usually opt for hiring a CPA. However, today both CFO’s and CPA services are available from specialized companies, allowing businesses to outsource the tasks that would be otherwise handled by a CFO or a CPA, so even the smallest business at the beginning of the road can afford to have access to the services of experienced, knowledgeable CFO’s and CPA’s.

How Healthcare Companies Could Benefit from Outsourcing Their HR

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare companies have found themselves overwhelmed and had to deal with a human resources nightmare with regards to how their employees and experts may have responded to the new changes. Many first responders have fought bravely, but have found that the support they received from their employers left a lot to be desired simply because of a lack of good quality HR support.

That, among many, is one of the main reasons why outsourcing HR tasks and activities to a professional Healthcare HR company should be an important consideration that all healthcare companies should keep in mind.

Hiring Competent Healthcare Workers and Keeping Track of Their Skills

HR impacts any company when it comes to making sure they hire the right candidates. When your healthcare company is growing and you have multiple clinics and pharmacies throughout different cities, you’ll find it more and more difficult to make sure that you’ve hired the right people.

More importantly, a reliable Healthcare HR company will help you screen your candidates for future employment and ensure that only the best of them will become members of your staff. A professional HR company can also help to keep track of the skills and competence of your employees, as well as dealing with problems such as when personal difficulties impair the workers’ ability to perform.


Integrity, Transparency and Mediation

Integrity is one of the most important aspects of running a healthcare company. When the health of your customers depends on your workers’ ability to make good decisions, there is a lot at stake, and it is extremely important in such situations to make sure that all decisions are made with the health and well-being of the patients in mind.

By hiring a reliable and well-organized Healthcare HR company, you will make sure that any and all difficulties and complaints coming from your employees will be dealt with properly, and that there will not be any conflicts of interest when it comes to employees having to decide between giving 100% and having to put up with the fact that the company doesn’t help them when they have a problem. Through proper transparency and the mediation of all problems, you will enjoy a win-win scenario that benefits you, your healthcare workers and their patients at the same time.

A Streamlined HR Process

The entire HR process will run much better when it’s handled by professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Most of the time, you’ll have to rely on management employees that you rarely if ever get in touch with, and if mistakes are made, your company will be directly responsible.

By outsourcing to a reliable HR provider, you will not only ensure that mistakes happen less often, but also that they are dealt with more quickly and efficiently, without the danger that the HR process will be fraught with delays and unexpected problems. The entire process will become more streamlined and efficient overall.

If the process runs faster and more smoothly, your clinics, hospitals and/or labs will also experience better efficiency. In the long run, that can actually translate in more lives saved, more people receiving the proper healthcare assistance that they need and an enhanced overall performance of all your staff members.

What Is the Upside of Using Organic Potting Soil for My Flowers?

organic potting soil


If you are looking for the best food and the best environment to provide to your flowers in the beds in your garden or inside your house, in your pots and planters, organic soil is something that you (or your plants) cannot go without. Here are some things to know about organic potting soil and the benefits of using it.

Understanding Soil Types

In terms of layer and composition, there are three basic types of soil: topsoil, which is practically the topmost layer of soil in your yard or in your garden, a dusty substance similar to dirt; enriched topsoil, which is topsoil mixed with organic matter to improve the qualities of the soil, such as its ability to retain water and nutrients, its resistance to compaction and its nutrient composition and special potting soil, put together by experts to provide your plants the best environment for growth and development. Professional gardeners usually prefer to use potting soil because the other two soil types might be too dense for ensuring efficient aeration to the plants and they might not have the nutrients that the plants need.

In the category of potting soils, organic varieties occupy a special place. Made from a variety of organic matter, from manures, bat and poultry droppings and compost to worm castings and having no artificial ingredients, organic potting plant is a natural enhancer of soil texture and a great source of plant nutrients.

The Benefits of Organic Potted Soil

Organic potting soil is the best option for your flowers – here is why:

  • All the right nutrients your plants need – organic potted plants contain everything your plants need, from nutrients to feed their stem, their leaves and roots and to ensure that the flowers are resistant and beautiful with the brightest colors, to the fibers needed to ensure proper water drainage. Some organic potting soil varieties contain nutrients in very high concentrations, which also means that with these products, you can avoid having to use other, additional or supplementary fertilizers;
  • Friendly on the environment – organic potting soil does not contain any synthetic chemicals that could be harmful for the environment and they are also produced using safe and nature-friendly manufacturing technologies;
  • Convenience – another important benefit of using ready-made organic potting soil is that you will not need to mix anything because the product you buy will have the right configuration for your plants. You can also choose potting soil varieties developed especially to cater for the needs of particular plant categories, such special soil for orchids or for geraniums;
  • Better water retention – while the flowers that grow outside get plenty of water from the rain, the plants that you grow inside your home rely on you entirely for the water they need. Organic potting soil can help you ensure that your flowers will get the hydration they need through ingredients that absorb moisture and make it available for the plant when the plant needs it, in the quantity that it needs.

How to Look for a Document Management Solutions Provider in Charlotte NC

document management solutions in Charlotte, NC

If you’re interested in a document management solutions provider in Charlotte, NC, it’s very important to get informed and learn all about what these experts can do for you and what you should hire them for – aside from finding out where you can locate them and what specific software they should be capable of teaching you to work with.

Look Through Online and Local Sources

The best places to find dependable document management solutions in Charlotte, NC is online. However, it’s important to track the location of your provider in order to ensure that they can give you relevant advice and services for your area. The Charlotte, NC region is, fortunately enough, rich in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 experts who can handle just about any type of document management software, whether based on offline management or in the cloud.

You’ll be able to find these professionals on local maps and directories, as well as specialty review sites that offer relevant insight on North Carolina businesses dealing with everything from lesser known document tools like PandaDoc and Bynder, to Office 365 and all the related tools that can be integrated with it.

When searching through these directories, make sure you keep track of a few essential requirements:

  • That the business should have at least 5 years of experience in the industry;
  • That they should be well-versed in the type of document management software you’re using;
  • That they are able and willing to adapt to your business’ policies and workflow practices.

Make Sure the Solution Provider You Find Knows Office 365

You might not be currently planning to install Office 365 or even use any kind of Microsoft product at the moment. Smaller businesses tend to opt for less expensive tools in the beginning, which is a pretty smart move to avoid spending a lot of money just on your document management solutions.

However, over time you might want to change that, especially if your Charlotte, NC business keeps growing. As such, it would be handy to avoid having to hire another document management solutions provider just to help you with your Office 365 learning curve. So make sure that, from the start, you opt for only the best solutions providers that know as much as possible about implementing and using MS Office 365 as part of your business’ workflow.

Comparing Document Management Solutions Providers

When it comes to comparing document management solutions, you have to make sure that you have a clear picture of what you’re searching for. Do you need a friendlier service that will help train your employees more efficiently? Are you looking for people with more comprehensive knowledge about a large number of document management solutions? Maybe you want someone who can help with the most cutting edge and highly advanced cloud-based document management software.

Regardless of what your main point is, make sure that it’s being covered. You can do some research to find out exactly what the best document management solutions providers and consulting companies can help you with and which of their services are most relevant to your business. Then it will be very easy to compare your notes with the services that local Charlotte, NC solutions providers have to offer, and determine which of them could help your business in the best of ways.

Add a Set of Cool Wireless Outdoor Speakers to Your New Outdoor Oasis

outdoor oasis bluetooth wireless speakers

If you just completed work on your new outdoor oasis, you might think that it doesn’t lack anything in order to look just perfect. However, when you imagine it, a pair of high quality outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers might just hit the spot, both in terms of style and when it comes to the possibility of listening to your favorite music outside.


Do Bluetooth Speakers and an Outdoor Oasis Go Together?


An outdoor oasis set up in your back yard is just about the perfect thing to have when it’s hot and sunny outside. If you have a deck or patio space, that might already provide you with a great area for installing your Bluetooth speakers, but of course there are many others as well.


Your outdoor oasis can contain anything from relaxing chairs, walkways and plants, to a beautiful dining table in the middle of it all, and everything surrounded by beautifully crafted privacy fences that will keep prying eyes away. In this cozy space, you can choose to set your portable outdoor speakers just about anywhere: on the fence, close to the dining area, on an archway or even suspended on one of the larger branches of a nearby tree.


The main idea is to make sure that your setup is suitable in terms of the quality of the sound it produces and in terms of the speakers being non-invasive. For instance, make sure that your children or pets can’t hit it and damage it by mistake as they play, and that they are placed in a central area so they can have good enough connectivity to not lose signal when you move towards a certain area farther away from the heart of the oasis.


Alternatively, you can make it all about your hot tub, if you have one. An oasis would typically need to have water, so that can be your hot tub or swimming pool. As some wireless Bluetooth speakers are not only portable and battery-powered, but entirely waterproof as well, you can simply place them in your hot tub or in the swimming pool and have them play your preferred tunes while you, your family and friends are soaking and having a relaxing time during those hot summer afternoons.


Using Multiple Wireless Speakers


The design of your outdoor oasis can be improved even more if you install a system of Bluetooth speakers that can sing your favorite music in unison. These systems are similar to a multi-speaker audio system, and they work together while connecting simultaneously to your smartphone or tablet.


As they are available in many designs, you can choose one that matches the design and colors associated to your backyard oasis to a T. Then you’ll realize just how amazing it can be to have your music resonate beautifully in the entire oasis as you and your loved ones relax, have a meal, set up a healthy barbecue or play a few fun outdoor games.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with these speakers. In spite of that, they are overall pretty cheap, and the best of them will rarely if ever break, so you can listen to them comfortably without worrying that they could malfunction at some point and you might have to replace them.

The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking at an Executive Recruitment Company

Hiring executive recruitment agencies to help you find the perfect candidates to fill your company’s key positions can be a monumental task. You’ll want to know for certain that the firm you hire is up to the task.

recruitment agencies

Of course, there are ways to do so, and aside from measures such as doing a background check and viewing the company’s past accomplishment, a simple interview with one of their representatives can also help a great deal. Consider the following example of a few important questions that employers should ask when faced with such a scenario:

  1. “How do you view potential candidates for the jobs you are tasked to fill?” A lot of companies view potential candidates like numbers in an equation or like gears in an intricate but ultimately lifeless mechanism. You will want to hire recruitment agencies that stand out through their exceptional people skills in that they actually see the candidates as equals and treat them as such.
  2. “What does your screening process entail?” Any candidate they present you with should be screened to ensure that they are ready and capable to manage the position they are offered, and that they have the integrity and the personality traits necessary to get the job done without a problem.
  3. “What makes your strategy stand out compared to other recruitment companies?” There are a lot of different executive recruitment agencies out there, and many follow the same old blueprint that has been around for decades. So, what makes this particular company better? If you ask them, they should be able to answer right off the bat, as this is the perfect opportunity to prove that they stand above the crowd.
  4. “How do you handle the issue of transparency in presenting employers with your results?” This question is one that can be somewhat delicate, but it has to be asked in the end. You need to make sure that the company you hire is able to handle tricky situations honestly and without trying to hide their true motives and agenda. Their answer should weigh in a great deal when it comes to your final decision.
  5. “Why should our company consider partnering with you?” Finally, the one thing that gives any company the opportunity and drive to “sell it” will be this question. Aside from allowing you to view their honest and unrestricted answer, you’ll also see the company’s ability to market themselves to potential candidates. If they’re able to convince you that they’re good enough for the job, imagine what they can do to get people interested in the jobs you offer.

As an employer, it’s hard to manage every little detail of the recruitment process, especially if you’re the owner of a large company. That’s why you have your HR department, after all.

However, when it comes to the comprehensive job of hiring new talent and new candidates for key positions within the company, you will have to go that extra mile. So make sure you consider the aforementioned points and questions when you decide to look at executive recruitment agencies for that purpose.

Why Use LED for your Commercial Lighting

Lighting systems can greatly influence the experience of those who go shopping in a store, which is why nowadays we are talking about commercial lighting technologies, as well as about different types of lights and their effects.

Tips and tricks

When it comes to a business, regardless of its profile, the consumer experience should be a priority for investors and developers. Commercial stores are perhaps the best example. The design and atmosphere in such a store can significantly influence the customer’s interaction with the products and services offered.

The lighting systems in these commercial areas play a key role in creating an elegant, well-organized and welcoming environment. When the atmosphere is pleasant and captivating, people entering your store end up spending more time in there, testing and purchasing different products, in other words enjoying the shopping experience, maybe in the company of their friends or business partners.

LED lighting sources represent a huge development in the lighting industry and have the potential to reshape the way businesses design their interior commercial areas. It is also important that customers feel safe entering your store. LED street light manufacturers have several options to keep parking and other outside areas bright and safe.It is clear that LED lights and fixtures have many advantages over traditional lighting, but before purchasing them, it is good to perform a thorough analysis of the needs of your commercial space and highlight the specific challenges.

LED street light manufacturers

What lighting means for retail stores

  1. Efficiency of costs and energy consumption

It may be tempting to choose the cheapest lighting options, but if you want to save on electricity in the long run you must opt for quality LED lights that require a more substantial initial investment. LED bulbs allow you to reduce energy consumption significantly and have a lifespan 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. Even if the initial investment is higher, lighting costs will be reduced overall, by an average of 75%.

  1. Products must be in the center of attention

Using one type of lighting in your store is not efficient to highlight different products and catching the attention of prospective customers. You should use different lighting options besides ambient lighting, to make your store more visible. LED Ceiling-mounted accent lights or LED lights integrated into furniture or inside the store’s windows, as well as decorative LED lighting fixtures can create an interesting and attractive space.

  1. The lighting must be in accordance with the aesthetics of the store

Depending on the merchandise in the store, lighting can play an important role in how it is perceived by customers. For example, in the case of exclusive boutiques, LED lighting fixtures with a special design, mounted on the ceiling or on the walls can create the impression of luxury.

  1. Long life span

Once installed, lighting sources and fixtures must be maintained. If you still use traditional bulbs, the heat they release may contribute to thermal discomfort, especially during the summer, not to mention that you will have to replace them very often. Therefore, LED lighting is preferable to other lighting systems, because their lifespan is very long and maintenance costs are significantly lower.