Factors that Determine the Changes in the Packaging Industry – Design and Functionality

packaging trends affect Denver manuacturingThe manufacturing of packaging materials is governed by tendencies that are very similar to the ones that determine trends in fashion – it is ultimately the way that consumers look at products and their design preferences that determine the changes in the packaging industry. Product marketers pay increased attention to customer preferences and they do everything they can to provide packaging solutions that grab the attention of their customers – here are some of the most important trends today. As manufacturers in Colorado, it is important to discuss these changes with the Denver packaging company that you partner with to bring your products to market.


As customers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our natural environment, they are also changing their buying habits, paying more attention to sustainability, both when they choose the products to buy and when they choose the packaging they want their products to be wrapped into. In terms of packaging, increased environmental awareness means a move towards replacing conventional plastic packaging with biodegradable materials, such as special, recycled plastic or paper.

Healthy Packaging

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of taking care of their own health as well, therefore they prefer safe packaging materials that do not alter the taste or the appearance of the products inside the package and do not contain chemicals that can be harmful for human health. In most countries, marketers are required to include information related to the ingredients and components of the product inside the package as well as information related to the packaging to allow consumers to choose not only healthy products, but healthy packaging as well.

Convenience and Comfortable Usage

Convenient usage is another feature that consumers are looking for when it comes to packaging. Most consumers prefer packages that are either reusable and come with easy to use opening and closing systems or packages that are easily and safely disposable.

Attractive Appearance

Packaging is an excellent market tool, an advertisement carrier that provides information, attracts attention and is essential for successful branding. A well-designed and strategically placed logo, well-chosen colors and informative labels are nowadays essential features required of any good packaging solution and also aspects that motivate the development of new packaging technologies to allow for the creation of efficient and attractive packages.

Size and Quality

While in the past, consumers used to anticipate their need for a certain product and bought larger quantities of the product to cater for future need, today customers are becoming more money-conscious and they tend to buy the products they need in smaller quantities to limit their spending. These transformations have also changed the size of the packaging units used by marketers, especially when it comes to food products.

The demand for smaller and lighter packaging units is accompanied by a growing demand for strength as well, so the materials of packaging materials are constantly researching new materials that are sustainable, safe, very strong and suitable for various printing methods.

The above requirements are likely to produce all sorts of changes in the packaging industry as well as in the manufacturing and food processing industry – alongside with the changes in packaging materials, the size, the composition and the appearance of the packaged products will also change.