In Search of the Optimal Areas of the World to Grow Coffee

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When looking for the optimal areas of the world to grow coffee, it’s important to note that, in some countries, coffee isn’t as popular or as widely used as everywhere else. Also, aside from the fact that different cultures tend to view coffee differently, it’s also a matter of choosing the right climate and making sure your coffee plants are cultivated in the proper environment.

For growing good quality, flavored coffee, there are many important requirements that have to be met. So making sure the environment is just right is not only a preference, but an important prerequisite as well.

The World’s Top Most Beloved Coffee Growing Countries

What are the optimal areas of the world to grow coffee, and why are these places so special? The climate, the overall attention given to the industry and the helpful coffee growing communities in the area make the countries presented below some of the best you can move to, if you want to farm good quality coffee.

As expected, African countries dominate the list. Africa was the first continent where coffee was cultivated, and so it’s not surprising that countries like Kenya and Ethiopia are considered the best places in the world to grow coffee. Industry experts also placed Rwanda in the top 10, so it’s safe to say that Africa is not to be trifled with.

Despite popular belief, Brazil isn’t counted among the top 10, although other South American countries, such as Colombia, are present. Also, Central America is well-represented by Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

The United States is also a great place to grow coffee, although not all states are suited for this activity. If you live in the South, however, chances are you can become a part of a significantly large and growing coffee farming industry.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Environment for Coffee Plants

Experts, those that support office coffee service companies, who talk about the “right” environment for growing a certain plant, will usually refer to a limited area for plants that are very sensitive. Fortunately, coffee isn’t necessarily among them, especially if you grow a more resilient type of coffee plant. However, even for the more fragile Arabica coffee beans, you can typically follow a few simple guidelines for choosing the best area and climate:

  • If at all possible, choose subtropical geographical regions, and make sure the altitude is somewhere between 1,800 and 3,600 feet.
  • Choose a region that has a relatively stable climate. Aside from the aforementioned countries, you can also consider Mexico, Jamaica, Zimbabwe and certain areas in Brazil.
  • Move to the equatorial regions of South America, Africa or Southeast Asia. These regions are ripe with frequent rainfall and stable temperature conditions, allowing your coffee plants to flower almost all year round.

Finally, you might also be able to grow coffee in an indoor growing environment. However, as most experts will point out, this isn’t a good idea if you want your coffee beans to thrive and be imbued with the delicious, natural flavor associated to organic coffee grown outdoors.

The optimal areas of the world to grow coffee are mentioned above, but with the right tools and knowledge, and by choosing the correct growing environment, you can still get good quality coffee beans in most places.