Reasons that Dry Powder Products Are Better For Removing Dog Urine Spots

Reasons To Use Dry Powder To Out Pet Urine On Hardwood

One of the most common behavioral problems that pet owners face is urination in the house. Many of the animals that urinate in this way are either very young and have not been trained yet, or quite old and/ or dealing with health issues. Others, however, have a problem of communication and behavior, which makes them mark their territory in this way.

Preferences for certain surfaces

Some animals develop preferences to urinate on certain surfaces such as carpets, upholstery or even bedding. Nothing more unpleasant, especially since the urine of the animals has a terrible odor. But did you know that the animal tends to repeat the “accident” precisely because it detects their own odor there? You may be wondering how this is possible, since you cleaned the stain immediately… Well, if you used regular detergent and common cleaning methods, you should know that you only diluted the stain; as for the smell, it is definitely still lingering. Ordinary detergents do not have the power to remove the stain completely, especially when it has been soaked in textile material. Some of it compounds will remain there, because there is no way you can completely bloat the liquid.


What should you do?

One of the best solutions that will help you clean urine stains completely consists in using out urine dry carpet powder, based on enzymes.

When the urine stain is fresh and moist, cover it with dry powder. This will absorb all the liquid without you having to struggle with towels. In addition, the enzymes will consume the particles of urine, and thus the odor will disappear. Some products require you to also brush the powder thoroughly into the carpet, until all urine mess disappears. Once the powder has been applied and has absorbed the urine completely, you must simply remove the residue using a vacuum cleaner.

Mix dry powder with warm water to obtain a solution that you can spray on the surfaces where the urine has soaked, to clean the stain in depth. In this case, make sure that once the product has cleaned the stain, the surface is dried completely, to prevent the appearance of mold or rot, depending on the surface.

Therefore, this type of product works great regardless the fact that the urine stain is fresh or dry. The enzymes break down the urine and consume it, removing the stain completely and eliminating the cause of the unpleasant odor. These products are specially formulated for this purpose, they return the surfaces to its original state and some are also nicely scented.

These products are easy to use, affordable and react quickly, producing extremely satisfying results.


What NOT to do?

  • Do not try to correct your pet by rubbing its nose into the urine stain
  • Do not throw things at the animal; behave gently, the animal did not do it in spite of you, and there is absolutely no excuse to treat them violently
  • Do not use vinegar or ammonia products for cleaning. Strong smells will only attract the animal there.