The Advantages of Wood Fire Pits

wood fire pit

A fire pit is a wonderful asset to possess, a great component that will instantly transform your outdoor space, making it more welcoming and extending its comfort and functionality. Getting a wood fire pit takes all those benefits one step further and also adds some of its own. Here are some of these wonderful benefits.

Nothing Compares to The Sight of Burning Logs

While gas burning fireplaces are wonderful options, a wood fire pit is like nothing else. The warmth and the coziness of the burning logs, the activity of taking care of that fire, finding suitable pieces of wood and placing them into the fire pit are all wonderful components that add up to create the unique atmosphere that comes with wood fire pits.

Extended Functionality

Wood fire pits can be more than just design elements. Many wood burning units come with a variety of accessories, including a grill onto which you can place pieces of meat, vegetables and fruit for a quick charring. Your fire pit will probably not give you the option to prepare very sophisticated meals that require control of the temperature and the size of the flames, but there is no reason why you could not take the already wonderful atmosphere on your patio one step further and grill some spectacular, yet simple meals.

Extended Usability for Your Space

Wood fire pits deliver not only great atmosphere, but heat as well. Having such a wonderful device to heat your patio will allow you to use your patio not only in summer, when the weather is nice, but in spring and then fall as well. The smoke generated by the fire is an excellent weapon against mosquitoes and other insects that would otherwise be a nuisance and would drive your guests into your home. The flames in your pit will also deliver light, which will make navigating your landscape easier as well as safer in dark as well.

Portable Units Are Widely Available

The wide design variations available include not only fixed units that are installed or built on your patio, but also portable pits that you can freely move and install in the most suitable spot. Getting such a portable unit will further enhance the usability of your entire landscape and will allow you to start the flames and to enjoy all the benefits of your fire pit while you are making the most of the enhanced thermal comfort offered by the shades in your landscape.


Wood-burning fire pits are on the affordable side. The price that you will have to pay for your pit will depend on many things, from the material that the pit is made or built from, on how elaborate the design is as well as on the size of the unit, but even the largest, most complex units can fit into even the tightest budget. The simplest, smallest aluminum pits are available for just a couple of dozens of dollars, while the price of high-end varieties can go up to thousands of dollars, so you will surely be able to find the option that best suits your financial means.