The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking at an Executive Recruitment Company

Hiring executive recruitment agencies to help you find the perfect candidates to fill your company’s key positions can be a monumental task. You’ll want to know for certain that the firm you hire is up to the task.

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Of course, there are ways to do so, and aside from measures such as doing a background check and viewing the company’s past accomplishment, a simple interview with one of their representatives can also help a great deal. Consider the following example of a few important questions that employers should ask when faced with such a scenario:

  1. “How do you view potential candidates for the jobs you are tasked to fill?” A lot of companies view potential candidates like numbers in an equation or like gears in an intricate but ultimately lifeless mechanism. You will want to hire recruitment agencies that stand out through their exceptional people skills in that they actually see the candidates as equals and treat them as such.
  2. “What does your screening process entail?” Any candidate they present you with should be screened to ensure that they are ready and capable to manage the position they are offered, and that they have the integrity and the personality traits necessary to get the job done without a problem.
  3. “What makes your strategy stand out compared to other recruitment companies?” There are a lot of different executive recruitment agencies out there, and many follow the same old blueprint that has been around for decades. So, what makes this particular company better? If you ask them, they should be able to answer right off the bat, as this is the perfect opportunity to prove that they stand above the crowd.
  4. “How do you handle the issue of transparency in presenting employers with your results?” This question is one that can be somewhat delicate, but it has to be asked in the end. You need to make sure that the company you hire is able to handle tricky situations honestly and without trying to hide their true motives and agenda. Their answer should weigh in a great deal when it comes to your final decision.
  5. “Why should our company consider partnering with you?” Finally, the one thing that gives any company the opportunity and drive to “sell it” will be this question. Aside from allowing you to view their honest and unrestricted answer, you’ll also see the company’s ability to market themselves to potential candidates. If they’re able to convince you that they’re good enough for the job, imagine what they can do to get people interested in the jobs you offer.

As an employer, it’s hard to manage every little detail of the recruitment process, especially if you’re the owner of a large company. That’s why you have your HR department, after all.

However, when it comes to the comprehensive job of hiring new talent and new candidates for key positions within the company, you will have to go that extra mile. So make sure you consider the aforementioned points and questions when you decide to look at executive recruitment agencies for that purpose.