What Is the Upside of Using Organic Potting Soil for My Flowers?

organic potting soil


If you are looking for the best food and the best environment to provide to your flowers in the beds in your garden or inside your house, in your pots and planters, organic soil is something that you (or your plants) cannot go without. Here are some things to know about organic potting soil and the benefits of using it.

Understanding Soil Types

In terms of layer and composition, there are three basic types of soil: topsoil, which is practically the topmost layer of soil in your yard or in your garden, a dusty substance similar to dirt; enriched topsoil, which is topsoil mixed with organic matter to improve the qualities of the soil, such as its ability to retain water and nutrients, its resistance to compaction and its nutrient composition and special potting soil, put together by experts to provide your plants the best environment for growth and development. Professional gardeners usually prefer to use potting soil because the other two soil types might be too dense for ensuring efficient aeration to the plants and they might not have the nutrients that the plants need.

In the category of potting soils, organic varieties occupy a special place. Made from a variety of organic matter, from manures, bat and poultry droppings and compost to worm castings and having no artificial ingredients, organic potting plant is a natural enhancer of soil texture and a great source of plant nutrients.

The Benefits of Organic Potted Soil

Organic potting soil is the best option for your flowers – here is why:

  • All the right nutrients your plants need – organic potted plants contain everything your plants need, from nutrients to feed their stem, their leaves and roots and to ensure that the flowers are resistant and beautiful with the brightest colors, to the fibers needed to ensure proper water drainage. Some organic potting soil varieties contain nutrients in very high concentrations, which also means that with these products, you can avoid having to use other, additional or supplementary fertilizers;
  • Friendly on the environment – organic potting soil does not contain any synthetic chemicals that could be harmful for the environment and they are also produced using safe and nature-friendly manufacturing technologies;
  • Convenience – another important benefit of using ready-made organic potting soil is that you will not need to mix anything because the product you buy will have the right configuration for your plants. You can also choose potting soil varieties developed especially to cater for the needs of particular plant categories, such special soil for orchids or for geraniums;
  • Better water retention – while the flowers that grow outside get plenty of water from the rain, the plants that you grow inside your home rely on you entirely for the water they need. Organic potting soil can help you ensure that your flowers will get the hydration they need through ingredients that absorb moisture and make it available for the plant when the plant needs it, in the quantity that it needs.